Let the house work while you play.
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More Powerful Suction

Smart sensors Avoid Obstacles

Schedules daily cleaning from your phone*

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Women mediate while Samsung vacuum cleaning the house
Reduces Allergens By Cleaning Daily

With the new Samsung POWERbot you can live in a freshly cleaned, and dust free home every day with the press of a button.

Press "Go" on the remote, POWERbot takes care of the rest!

Efficiently Cleans Pet Hair & Dander

POWERbot gives you the opportunity to enjoy your pets without worrying about shedding, dirt or excess hair. POWERbot easily and automatically picks up hair, kitty litter, fur balls and more so you don't have to.

Samsung vacuum
6th generation of robotic vacuums from samsung


1st generation Samsung vacuum


1st generation

furot 1

2nd generation Samsung vacuum


2nd generation

furot 2

3rd generation Samsung vacuum


3rd generation


4th generation Samsung vacuum


4th generation


5th generation Samsung vacuum


5th generation


6th generation Samsung vacuum


6th generation

Samsung smart
Samsung Smart

Samsung designers started smarter with the design of a quality upright vacuum, the kind with a 12-inch wide brush, sturdy rollers and a powerful suction motor.

the most advanced navigation on the market
visionary mappings one of the benefits of Samsung vacuum
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This 6th Generation Samsung POWERbot features Visionary Mapping™ Plus and Full View™ Sensors. It maps your house to clean from room to room in a methodical back and forth pattern, while minimizing bumps and scratches on furniture.

10X times more powerful then competitor

Samsung POWERbot packs the same technology you'd find in an upright...including a full 12" powered brush – just like the "big boys".

Its superior power sucks up dirt and dust around all sides. When it finds a corner, POWERbot automatically increases its suction power and cleans it three times to ensure maximum cleaning!*

  • Cleans all floor surfaces (carpet, hardwood, and tile).
  • Suction power is distributed across the entire length of the 12" powered ComboBrush.
*Suction power tested on Samsung POWERbot Essential in comparison with the top selling vacuum by the leading robot vacuum brand according to NPD, 2015.
Samsung PowerBot
Samsung vacuum
Smart Filtering Means Long-Lasting Suction Power

The POWERbot features an advanced CycloneForce™ separation technology, which generates strong centrifugal force. This spiral action separates larger dirt and debris into an outer holding chamber helping to maintain long-long lasting suction power and reduce filter clogging*.

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Smart filtering
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Designed to remove carpet dirt with less clogging.


Maintains longer maximum suction power for a consistent deep clean.


Washable Filter – convenient, cost effective and easy maintenance.


Large, transparent, 0.7 liter dustbin – Now you can “see” when it’s full. Plus the special design keeps dirt locked in until you’re over the trash can.

* than our previous model
Samsung powerbot
Samsung powerbot
visionary mapping

Visionary Mapping™ Plus - POWERbot's visionary mapping system enables it to navigate the most efficient path around a room. It determines a room's floorplan using built-in camera that reads the room's ceiling. This allows POWERbot to calculate the best cleaning path.

visionary mapping

Full View™ Sensor - The POWERbot intuitively senses and navigates around chair legs, toys, shoes, pets or anything else in its way. Just turn it on and let it clean! It's Stair Sensors prevent POWERbot from falling off stairs.

visionary mapping

Automatic Room-to-Room Cleaning - POWERbot goes from room to room cleaning your entire floor if you leave the doors open, even while you're away at work or running errands.

visionary mapping

Automatically Returns to Charger After Cleaning - POWERbot returns "home" so it's always ready when you need it. At the end of each cleaning cycle it returns to the charging station so it's ready to attack any mess or accident on a moment's notice. (Cleans up to 1500 sq. ft. on a single charge in about 60 minutes).

visionary mapping

Automatically Recharges When Its Battery Is Low - POWERbot senses when its battery is low and makes a beeline back to the charging station to recharge its battery. It then resumes cleaning exactly where it left off. There's nothing for you to do except enjoy your clean house.

Unique Combo Brush Design Makes It A Pet Owner's Dream

If you have pets you'll love how easily POWERbot picks up hair, fur and dander while removing allergens and dust.

vacuum brush

The POWERbot was made for pets with its unique Combo Brush design. This brush was engineered to pick up pet hair without the frustrating brush tangles. The 12" wide powered brush cleans more per travel than competitor's narrower brush.

Automatic Adjustable Suspension With Large Easy Pass Wheels™
Made To Tackle Various Floor Surfaces For Room To Room Cleaning.

POWERbot is built to be strong, durable and effective, but sleek and beatiful to compliment any home. With its large auto-adjusting 4.1" EasyPass Wheels™, it can easily climb onto carpet and roll over thresholds

auto cleaning
Auto Clean
This is the default setting. You'll use this for your daily "freshen up".
auto cleaning
Spot Clean
Have one particular area you need cleaned? With Spot Clean just point to clean!
auto cleaning
Max Clean
This mode runs POWERbot continuously until it runs out of battery.

Along with the auto, spot, and max clean options... POWERbot also comes with 3 additional cleaning modes to make it more convenient for you.

bullet silent mode

This setting lowers the noise in case the baby is sleeping or you're on a phone call.

bullet manual mode

This setting is perfect for times when a mess happens after POWERbot has already cleaned. Grab the remote and drive the POWERbot yourself with arrows.

bullet schedule mode

Want a clean house every day? Set up a time when you're away (or at home) for POWERbot to clean and freshen up.


Here's What our Satisfied Customers Are Saying:

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"No More Gritty Feeling..."David

The less I have to clean, the better for me.

With the POWERbot we have an actual robot in our home with cameras on it. And I can program it right from my phone. When people come over, no more yucky embarrassment. Since Samsung has been around forever, I knew they’d take care of it and stand behind any warranty.

client picture

“Cleans So I Don’t Have To…” John

POWERbot doesn’t look like the typical robot vacuum. It’s powerful and sleek. I love telling my friends about it. My daughter named it Lenny.

Our POWERbot does the cleaning so I can hang out with my family which is actually the number one reason I love POWERbot. Plus it even gets under the bed where we couldn’t reach with our other vacuum.

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“Great Under Furniture…” Teresa

Before using POWERbot, I vacuumed 3 times a week sometimes or more depending on the weather and traffic in and out of the house. It’s so easy, I just push the button and it takes care of itself.

The biggest surprise was how well it goes under furniture cleaning underneath things. I just sit back, relax and watch it do the work all by itself.

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“Now My Husband Vacuums!” Wendy

Before POWERbot I was embarrassed because people would leave with pet hair stuck to their clothes.

But with POWERbot I don’t have worry about vacuuming, now my husband does it.

We named our POWERbot Sam. It’s like we’re the Jetsons. It was easy to use... we plugged it in, charged it, pressed go and it cleaned the floors. I’m getting spoiled.

Here's How POWERbot Stacks Up Against The Competition...

scheduling icon

Stair Sensors

Visual Navigation

Visual Navigation

Obstacle Sensor

Obstacle Sensor

Cyclone Separation

Cyclone Separation

Large Easy Pass™ Wheels

Large Easy Pass™ Wheels

Full 12 inch Wide Brush

Full 12 inch Wide Brush

Full 12 inch Wide Brush

Larger Dustbin

compared to roomba 880
*Suction power tested on Samsung POWERbot Essential in comparison with the top selling vacuum by the leading robot vacuum brand according to NPD, 2015.

“Can easily take care of 95 percent of your other vacuuming needs.”

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“Frighteningly impressive”

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“Travels around my house and gets the job done effortlessly”

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“Hands-free and Worry-free. I wasn’t expecting there to be so many features, but Samsung literally swept me off my feet.
It’s hard to believe this little cordless vacuum running on battery power did so much dirt and pet hair busting damage.”

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“Modern day miracle… a perfect cleaning tool”

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“10 times more powerful than the leading robot vacuum brand. The most perfect cleaning tool.”

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*Bloggers provided free unit to review

You’ve got to see this vacuum cleaner. It will change your life. Get started today with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee*.

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This is our 6th Generation of robotic vacuum technology, we're Samsung, we have to stand behind this product. We design excellence we use in our own homes. That's what you're getting.

frequently asked questions:
A: It takes approximately 160 minutes to completely charge the first time. This will give you 60 minutes of cleaning time, enough for almost any sized floor. Just in case it doesn’t finish, it will automatically recharge itself, go back to where it left off, and finish the job!
A: Samsung has spent years testing and tweaking the POWERbot. This latest edition is by far the biggest breakthrough in robotic vacuum history. We made a goal to have more power and more convenience features than any other competitor on the market.
A: Yes. It’s easy to both empty and clean. Instructions are given inside your owner’s manual.
A: Easy, just send it back within 30 days and get a full refund! ( You pay return shipping and handling).
A: We’ve put together a chart comparing the POWERbot to one of our competition, laying out exactly what’s included with each product. See for yourself.
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